Our Family

The “Family First” model of caring for our community and environment is something that we believe in and work for every single day. Our family is more than just our wives and children, it’s the people we serve and work with. We say family first because we want to build our family’s future. Our goal is to build the community in and around Circle W Landscape, and to take care of the world around us.

Our Community

We want to create a community that supports, gives, and serves. We know that we cannot impact everyone, but no matter what, we will try our hardest. Even if we only touch one or two people, our dream will be complete.

Our Environment

It is important to us that we take care of the environment, to be good stewards of what has been given to us. There is no point in trying to build a future without taking care of the one that is right in front of us. We have children and we want to teach them to be responsible with what has been given to them.

In our own selfish way, we want you to be a part of this vision. We understand that not everyone cares about what we care about and that’s ok. We just want to share what has been given to us.